Manuscript Preparation Guide

The parts of a manuscript should be arranged in the following order:
Title Page – This includes the paper title, name(s) of authors(s) with their affiliations, and a current e-mail address and telephone number of the corresponding author. No title like “Prof.”, “Dr”, etc is allowed.
Abstract – This should be a concise summary of the content and conclusion of the paper. The abstract should be single paragraph, not more than 250 words and should not contain reference citations.
Keywords (subject headings). – The keywords (a maximum of six) should be listed after the abstract.
Text – This may include sections and sub-sections such as introduction, method, observation, discussion, etc. However, text may be written in prose form.
Acknowledgment – Authors may wish to acknowledge individuals, institutions, or funding agencies.
Appendices (if any).
References – All sources cited in the text and tables must appear in the reference, and all references in the reference list must be cited in the text. Reference entries should be ordered alphabetically, starting with the last name of the first author, followed by the first authors initial(s), and so on for each author.
Figures with figure Legends (if any) - Figures should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals, and should be cited in the text by the numbers (e.g. “see Figure 1”.)
Tables. – All tables are to be typed with horizontal rule, with each column having a column title (not more than two words). Units of measurements should be given in parentheses immediately below the column title (when applicable).

Forms for reference entries are given below:
  • Journal Articles
    • Litke, A.N. and Schwarz, A.S. 1995, “The Silicon Microstrip Detector”, Scientific American 272, 76-88.
    • Author and Author Year, “Title,” Journal Volume, Page.
  • Books
    • Jenkins, F.A. and White, H.E. 1981, Fundamentals Sof Optics (International Edition 1981; Singapor: McGraw-Hill).
    • Author and Author Year, Title, Volume if a multivolume work (Edition or series, if any; city of publication:
  • Conference Proceedings
    • Micke, A. 1991, “Mutations in plant breeding,” in ASI symp. No 132, Breeding in Crop Plants Mutations and In Vitro mutation breeding, ed. Saddiue, B.A. and Khan, S., Kalyain publishers, Ludhiana (India), 1-60.
    • Author Year, Title, in conference series title [SAN conference proc., IAU Colloq., ASI symp., NIP symp., etc] and number, Volume title, ed. Editors (city of publication: Publisher), Page of article, URL if any.
  • Submitted Papers / Papers in Press
    • Adenuga, J.O. 1984, “Shell model calculations in a truncated Hilbert Space,” Nig. J of Phy., Submitted.
      Fiase, J.O. 2006, “Malaria infection, prevention and therapy – The Nigerian case,” American Biological Society J., in press.
    • Author Year (submitted/accepted), “Title,” Journal Name, submitted / in press.)



Submission of Manuscript
All manuscripts (except those from the United State of America), accompanied
with a covering letter,should be submitted electronically to:

Manuscripts from the United State of America should be
submitted to: