Volume 5 Number 1S (August 2011)

Contributed Papers
The State of Energy Supply In Nigeria: Need for More Efficient Utilization of Fuelwood Resources
Chidi E. Akujor, Oluwasogo A. Ogungbenro, I.M. Mejeha, Okey Nwofor and Gregory A. Alozie                                                                                                                                    Full Text

Developing Local Manufacturing Capacity For SHP Equipment: NASENI Experience
E.A. Ajani, O.A. Olasupo, O.L. Oyelade, S.O.O. Olusunle and O.O. Adewoye                 Full Text

Application of Architectural Design Techniques for Reducing Energy Consumption in Residential Buildings
Oluwafemi K. Akande                                                                                                           Full Text

Palm Oil Biodiesel, A Potential Fuel For Agricultural Products Processing In Rural Farming Communities In Nigeria
E.U.U. Ituen, C.I. Ijioma and O.M.I. Nwafor                                                                       Full Text

Options for the Acquisition of Photovoltaic Solar Energy Technology in Nigeria
Michael C. Ndinechi and Chikwendu E. Orji                                                                        Full Text

Kinetics of Biogas Potential From Animal and Domestic Waste

L.C. Ngozi-Olehi, A.A. Ayuk, E.E. Oguzie and E.N. Ejike                                                 Full Text

Empirical Study On Optimizing Energy Recovery From Oil Palm Waste In Nigeria

Chris .O. Nwoko and Sola Ogunyemi                                                                                  Full Text

Biotreatment of Organic Waste Materials: An Effective Recycling Technology for Biogas Production
C.I. Nwoye, U. Ofoegbu and C.I. Okoli                                                                               Full Text

Sustainability Of Low Cost Electricity Production Through Development And Application Of New Materials For Solar Energy Production

C.I. Nwoye, B. Ejezie and U.C. Nwoye                                                                               Full Text

Renewable And Alternative Energy: Socioeconomic Issues
A.M. Umar                                                                                                                           Full Text

The Need For Energy Efficiency In Nigeria: Taking The Footstep Of Niger Republic
Murtala Mohammed Ruma , Abdulkarim Hamza El-ladan, Samaila Muazu Batagarawa
and Usman Sheikh Abdullahi                                                                                               Full Text

Overview Of Renewable Energy Sources In Nigeria
Nuraddeen Abubakar Maiwada and Usman Sheikh Abdullahi                                            Full Text

Food Versus Fuel: The Way Forward For Africa
Samaila Muazu Batagarawa, Murtala Mohammed Ruma, Usman Sheikh Abdullahi and Abdulkarim Hamza El-ladan                                                                                                                     Full Text

The Nigerian Solar Energy Challenge
C.E. Orji, M.C. Ndinechi, K.B. Okeoma and B.C. Anusionwu                                            Full Text

Sustainability Of Agricultural Production In Jibia (Nigeria) Irrigation Project Using Renewable Sources Of Energy
Usman Sheikh Abdullahi, Samaila Muazu Batagarawa, Abdulkarim Hamza El-ladan and Murtala Mohammed Ruma                                                                                                                 Full Text

The Drying Characteristics of Cassava and Tatase in a Three-Chamber Solar Food Dryer
I.M. Mejeha, J.O. Amadi, C.E. Akujor and A. Uzomah                                                      Full Text

Review Of Solar Cell Materials And Fabrication Technologies
D.D.O. Eya and F.C. Eze                                                                                                      Full Text

The Increasing Carbon (IV) Oxide Emissions from Fossil-Based Energy: Possible Reduction by a Simple Mechanism
Nnaemeka D. Onyeuwaoma, Oluwasogo A. Ogungbenro, Okey Nwofor, Theo Chidiezie Chineke, Ugochukwu K. Okoro, Victor N. Dike, T.K. Yesufu and Chidi E. Akujor                          Full Text

Some Energy Implications of Meteorological And Climate Changes In Nigeria
Okey K. Nwofor, Chidi E. Akujor, Theo C. Chineke, Oluwasogo A. Ogungbenro, Ugochukwu K. Okoro and Victor N. Dike                                                                                                     Full Text