You are welcome to the official website of "Advances in Science and Technologies". "Advances in Science and Technologies" is a publication of research work, results and findings in science and technology including related fields of Human and Veterinary Sciences, Medical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering etc.

Our aim is to:
1. Provide Topflight Research Scientists with an excellent opportunity of bringing the results of their work to the attention of the international scientific community.
2. Promote scientific research and technological advancement through provision of recent scientific results to the global scientific community. We link-up the developing world with the developed world.
3. Provide and promote effective documentation of research works and results for future references.
4. Provide information on job opportunities in universities, research institutes, etc.
5. Provide information on scholarship schemes, research programs and research grants.
6. Promote scientific and technological (including medical and pharmaceutical) products, firms and industries available to the scientific community.

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"Advances in Science and Technologies" publish papers in the following categories:
Review Papers - These are usually commissioned, but authors who would like to write a review article on any subject matter in any area of science and technology are requested to contact the editors. They would normally be required to send an outline and a date by which they plan to submit the article. We hope this process will prevent an author from spending a lot of time preparing a review, only to hear that a very similar one is already in press. All review articles will be sent to referees in the same way the regular research articles are handled.
Research Papers – We accept original research papers in science and technology, including Human and Vetinary Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Engineering, etc. which have neither been published nor is being considered for publication elsewhere.
Research Notes - This is a tentative report of research works still in progress
Letters – This is a special category of short research papers, typically less than 5 pages and needing urgent communication to the scientific audience. Letters should meet all normal standards of a quality research paper.
Thesis / Dissertation Summaries – This provides a recent graduate with an excellent opportunity of bringing his or her Ph.D. work to the attention of the scientific community. Dissertation summaries may be up to 3 pages in length and may include figures.
Book Review - This include a review of scientific books that are of great significance to the understanding of certain and specific scientific knowledge.
Conference Highlights – Highlights consist of 1 – 2 page summaries of the new results and highlights from topical conference. If you are organizing a conference and would like to have a summary published, contact our secretariat.


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